1.  Wear gloves at all times to protect your hands.
2. Have good ventilation in your work area. Open a windows and turn on your ceiling fan.
3. Wear an apron. This will protect your clothes. Resin does not come off!
4. Wear safety goggles.
5. Use a respirator.
and always Clean up spills immediately.
We recommend to use our Crystal Resin or our Amore Deep Pour which can be poured as deep as 100mm. Both have a low viscosity  which means they are a thinner fluid which will help fill all the nooks in a mould. Each Resin has a different cure time.

Amore Lace Resin is not recommended to be used for Casting as it have a high viscosity (thick like honey) and has micro bubbles which maybe visible once cured.
Yes they are. Recommended to give the project 2-3 weeks before placing anything hot on to the Surface . This will give your project ample curing time.
All you need to achieve beautiful lacing is our Amore Lace Resin and our Angel Lace Paste. Before you start make sure your project is flat! Use a spirit level if you have to as this will make a massive effect on the finish project.

Make sure to measure out your Part A and Part B as directed and mix well. Make sure to really mix your Resin and Paste well! if it is not mixed well the white may come out cloudy.
Pour your Amore Lace Resin onto your project and pour the white along the edge where you want the effect. Using your heat gun blow the white into the resin and watch your artwork come to life!

Please follow us on YouTube for more Tips.
Our Resins do have UV additives to keep them colour-free but all resins will yellow over time. (No matter what other companies may tell you.)
To keep your resin clear as possible keep it out of direct sunlight both before you use it and after curing.
To calculate the amount of resin required for a job we suggest to use a online Resin Calculator .
No not at all! Unfortunately these things happen!

If your project is still curing then remove the bug and blow the area with a torch to help level your project again.

If your project has already cured then you will need to carve out the bug and apply a top coat of Amore Lace to level out your project.

The same approach can be used to hair or other debris that may of accidentally landed where it was not wanted!.
We will soon have a downloadable PDF colour guide to help choose.

Different types of pigments have different weights which is what will help achieve the beautiful effects.

Metallic pigments will raise to the top. We recommend not to use too much or that will be all you will see.

Basic Pigment pastes (flat solid colours) will be under metallic colours (also recommended not to use too much).

Luster Pigments are the stunning colours with the beautiful sparkles. I personally love these for ocean projects as they sparkle just like ocean does.

Glitters will sink to the bottom of your project and may get lost amongst the other pigments.

If you have any question regarding colours please ask! I am a qualified Graphic Designer and love to help!
Sip Share Create Workshops is a fun environment where you can create your next masterpiece, learn new creative skills, join with friends or even make a few new ones while have a tonne on laughs along the way!

There will be different classes to choose from:
  • Resin Chopping Board and Coasters
  • Resin Ocean Platter
  • Making Wine Glasses
  • Painting on Canvas 
Yes you are very welcome to bring your own Alcohol, plus we will have lots of yummy nibblies for you to choose from.
Yes we can plan a workshop to suit the student or students.
Depends on the class. Resin Workshop artwork will not be ready to be taken home as resin requires many hours to cure.
Acyclic paint on canvas will be touch dry and able to go straight home.
We provide an apron for the workshop but there is still a chance there could be a spill or splatter so please beware that Resin  and other art products do not come off or out of clothes. 
Yes we offer Local pick up. Amore Resin Art is located in Millfield in the Heart of the Hunter Valley (2 hours north of Sydney). Surrounded by vineyards and stunning scenery you can make a day of it.