NEW FORMULA This resin is perfect for deep or shallow casting as it has low bubbles. Crystal clear and can be pour up to 10mm deep with a 90Min pot life. Also works well as a top coat or mixed with pigments to create beautiful homewares. This is a 2:1 ratio epoxy resin. This kit includes 2L of Part A and 1L of Part B

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Crystal Resin is a low viscosity resin, which makes it extremely suitable for laminating woven and non-woven reinforcements of carbon fibre, aramid, S-Glass, E-Glass, dynel and powder bound chopped Strand mat. The low viscosity makes it an ideal wood saturation system for external timber coating and when mixed with the appropriate powder or fibers can be used as a glue or filler for Marine, Industrial or Handyman use. Crystal Resin's high clarity enables it to be used in various art applications such as picture and canvas coating, resin art and castings or imbedding. Uses Ideal to use for impregnation of carbon and aramid fibre. Wood saturation, art and casting applications. Use in many areas from marine, transport, water tanks, timber and ply work.

  • High clarity and low viscosity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Can be poured up to 10min
  • 90min pot life
  • Low bubbles (use torch to remove bubbles)
  • Resin will self-level.

Crystal Resin has a working temperature which is between 18-28⁰C. At lower temperatures, the product thickens and may become difficult to use. At higher temperatures working time will be reduced. The maximum relative humidity to use at is 70%. Mixing ratio for each of the hardeners is as follows; 2:1.

Post curing the laminate will greatly increase the mechanical properties of the laminate. Crystal Resin will achieve excellent properties after four hours at 80⁰C, or 14 hours at 50⁰C.

Store in a cool, dry area, away from sources of increased heat, sunlight or frost. Store in original container sealed. Shelf life if stored correctly up to 3 years. Please note clarity of the resin will differ if not stored correctly away from sunlight.

Use a measuring device or syringe to weigh out catalyst, correct levels are essential to resin cure. When mixing resin and hardener ensure that they are mixed thoroughly paying special attention to the side and bottom of the container. The resin should than be transferred to a shallow tray to reduce exothermic heat build-up.

Not recommended for projects that will be outside in direct sunlight.


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