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Our Luster Pigment Powders are highly concentrated pearlescent mica colourants. When added to epoxy resin they produce an luster colour style.

Create your own unique collection of colours by mixing two or more powder pigments together. The colour combinations are infinite!

Our metallic powder pigments are extremely versatile and can be added to acrylic and oil paints, inks and tints.   The resulting colour can be applied to a variety of substrates including glass, wood, metal, paper, fabric, hand-made soaps and ceramics.

Our Luster Pigment Powders produces a gorgeous luster in epoxy resin and can be used singularly or in combination with other colourants. For typical resin art applications we recommend the addition of approximately 1g metallic powder pigment per cup of resin. 

Do not inhale powder.  Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear appropriate PPE dependant on individual application and sensitivity.